Alkaline degreaser Concentryl® ActiveFoam


Anti-fog cleaner vor cleaning spectacles and visors


Anti-static spray prevents electrostatic charging


Cleaning set for antistatic cleaning


Clear rinsing agent for dishwashers, liquid


Cold cleaner for cold cleaning and removing grease


Dishwasher cleaner Intensive cleaner f. dishwashers, powder


Label remover removes self-adhesive labels


Label remover with NSF certificate SOLVENT 50 SUPER


Methylated spirit denatured ethyl alcohol

neodisher® DuoClean, alcaline liquid, free from phosphats a. oxidizers


neodisher® EM


neodisher® Entschäumer S 1 l


neodisher® Entschäumer S 10 l


neodisher® FA mild alkaline cleanser (liquid)


neodisher® LaboClean A8 alkaline intensive cleanser (powder)

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