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The new Flexicon FPC60 Filling Machine

The new Flexicon FPC60 Filling Machine

Built around our highly accurate peristaltic filler, the Flexicon FPC60 is a uniquely configurable small batch aseptic fill/finish system with a wide variety of modules designed to work together to provide the ultimate filling solution. The FPC60 system can be designed and built with a choice of optional solutions allowing adaptation of each stage of the fill/finish process including vial infeed, filling, stoppering, capping, auto-reject and product outfeed.
Flexicon has an excellent record in working to meet short and reliable delivery times. With more than 30 years of experience, Flexicon provides seamless FAT and IQ/OQ tests all working towards avoiding costly project delays.

Unparalleled value
- Increased batch consistency between operators
- Zero waste of highly valuable product in batch start up
- Pneumatic free
- No format parts for the entire vial range
- Reduce contamination sources and save time with hand-free initial calibration
- Highly accurate filling of better than ± 1% from 0.2ml up to 100ml
- Up to 2700 vials per hour (45 vials/min)
- No tools and minimal setup between batches
To meet the needs of aseptic fill finish applications, Flexicon provides full turnkey FPC60 solutions for LAF and RABS systems. Integrated isolator solution for the FPC60 are also available through Flexicon in collaboration with our preferred partners.

New advanced features
- Auto reject for minimal operator intervention*
I- ndependent validation of capping force*
- No vial — no fill sensor prevents miss filling and contamination of the filling environment*
- One-handed open/close pump design for easy change fluid-path in RABS and isolators*
*optional features

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