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In Astech Ireland we pride ourselves in providing our customers with unrivalled post-sales services. Whether in the form of product training, installation, commissioning, IQOQ/validation or tailored service contracts, our service philosophy is guided by excellence in quality, responsiveness, dependability and flexibility. Our engineers are highly trained both in-house and by our principals and have, at a minimum, third level educational qualifications. This training is on-going and updated regularly to ensure our service team keeps abreast of product and service developments. We can offer the following services:

  • Training – full operator training is offered on our complete product range. Training is fully documented and certification supplied.
  • Commissioning/IQOQ/Validation – at Astech Ireland we are fully aware of the necessary guidelines governing the qualification of equipment purchased. To this extent we offer full IQ/OQ services complete with documentation designed to satisfy both customer and regulatory requirements.
  • Service Contracts – depending on customer requirements (including budget, scope of work, level of cover, and frequency of visits) our service contracts can be specifically tailored to each client. As well as tailored contracts we also offer full cover and extended warranty contracts. All service contract holders benefit from discounts on service rates, spares and consumables.
  • Emergency response – our products are used in industries where downtime can have significant quality and financial implications. With this in mind we offer non-scheduled callout cover on our products. We are recognised for our fast response times to non-scheduled call-outs.

Calibration/Validation Services – whether within the framework of a service contract or as a stand-alone offering, our calibrations are carried out in strict adherence to respective SOP’s and with full traceability. We offer both workshop and on-site calibration services on many types of instruments including the following;

• On-line HPW TOC Analyser Services – including Anatel TOC Services, Thornton TOC Services and Sievers TOC Services. All calibrations performed using Altus Science CRM’s, accredited to ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008
• Laboratory TOC Analyser Services – including Anatel TOC Services, Sievers TOC Services, Teledyne Tekmar TOC Services and more. All calibrations performed using Altus Science CRM’s, accredited to ISO Guide 34, ISO 17025 and ISO 9001:2008
• Airborne & Liquid Particle counters – NIST tracebale calibration to ISO 21501-4 standard.
• LAF, Biological Safety Cabinet Testing & Validation – including particle counting, air flow rates/velocities, DOP testing and KI Discus Testing. Performed to BS EN12469 standard.
• On-line & laboratory conductivity systems – NIST traceable meter and sensor calibrations using “Gold” reference systems and Altus Science CRM’s.

All of our current service offerings are covered within the scope of our ISO9001:2015 accreditation.
For more information please email support@astechireland.ie or call 0404 25070.