1-channel data logger testo T4, -80.0 to +70.0°C, without display

1-channel data logger testoT3,with displ. incl. battery,insp.rep. stored on logg

2-channel °C cryogenic logger LOG100 incl. button cell battery CR 2032


2-channel-°C-logger LOG100 incl. button cell battery CR 2032


3-channel-°C/RH-logger LOG100 incl. button cell battery CR 2032

°C/rF-Profi-Sender mit ext./int. Sensoren für Temp.-Überwachungssyst.


°C-Sender mit ext. Sensor für Temperatur-Überwachungssystem


Data logger testo 175 H1 2-cannel-°C/RH-Logger


Data logger testo 175 T1 1-channel-°C-Logger


Disk Interface with USB cable for


Haematocrit centrifuge 200 208-240 V, 50/60 Hz

Microlitre centrifuge CD-2012 high speed 15000/min, 15100xg, W260xH250xD140mm,

Microlitre centrifuge Heraeus® Fresco®21 2 rotors with 24- and 36-place rotor

Microlitre centrifuge Heraeus® Pico®17 300-13300/min, 17000xg, air-cooled

Microlitre centrifuge Heraeus® Fresco®17 300-13300/min, 17000xg, -9 to +40 °C

Microlitre centrifuge Heraeus® Pico®21 300-14800/min, 21100xg, air-cooled

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