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Carl Roth

Established as a grocer's-paint supplier's-chemist's-store at Karlsruhe in 1879, Carl Roth GmbH + Co. KG today supplies labware, selected life science products and chemicals to businesses, laboratories and scientific institutions. The company has its head offices in Karlsruhe.

Carl Roth is renowned for the excellent quality of its products, its extensive product range and the special customer service it provides, including expert consultation, fair prices and short delivery times. Its product range includes more than 25,000 articles. The wholesaler stocks 96 percent of the articles in its product range at its Karlsruhe warehouse, allowing a delivery timeof just 24 hours to customers in Germany. The company has 230 employees.

In 2013 Carl Roth opened a new logistics centre with an automatic small parts warehouse in the Karlsruhe-Rheinhafen industrial estate. The extension to the existing chemicals warehouse became necessary due the ongoing growth of the mail-order business and rising customer demand. Abroad, Carl Roth has established five subsidiaries and 25 foreign agencies.

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