Namsa sterilisation products

We offer a broad range of sterilisation products from Namsa, including Biological Indicators, Chemical Indicators, Quality control organisms, Spore and Growth Promotion test suspensions. Indicators are available for monitoring Steam, Ethylene Oxide, Radiation, Hydrogen peroxide, Dry Heat, Steam-Formaldehyde and Chemiclave sterilization processes.

ERA Certified Reference Materials

In recent years ERA has grown to become the premier manufacturer of certified reference standards for Total Organic Carbon, Conductivity, Turbidity and more. With ISO Guide 34 and 17025 accreditations, we offer a comprehensive line of certified reference materials (CRMs), reagents, and vials for life science laboratories. TOC CRM's for calibration, validation and system suitability testing of the following analyser manufacturers are available: HACH-ANATEL, GE-SIEVERS, THORNTON, SHIMADZU and more.

Naglene durable labware

Nalgene labware is durable lightweight and inexpensive to use as it reduces the price of replacing broken glassware. It is less likely to cause injury and reduces the prospect of losing valuable material due to breakages. It is lighter than glass thus reducing shipping costs. Being durable and light weight its life expectany is so much longer than glassware.

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Welcome to Astech Ireland

Established since 1991 Astech Ireland Ltd is accredited to ISO9001-2008. We are a supplier of laboratory equipment, consumables and general lab supplies as well as process equipment and monitoring instrumentation. The main markets served by us include the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries, Food and Beverage, Semiconductor Industry, Healthcare/Medical Device manufacturers, Research centres, Universities, hospitals and others.

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Latest Products

296-3345 150ml Bottle Top Filters.
296-3345 150ml Bottle Top Filters, MF75 Series, polystyrene housing; PES membrane. 50-mm diameter...
596-4520 150ml Bottle Top Unit
596-4520 150ml Bottle Top Unit, 125mm PES membrane 90mm Supor machVPES membrane. 50-mm diameter...
596-3320 150ml Filter Unit
596-3320 150ml Filter Unit, 125mm PES membrane 90mm Supor machVPES membrane. 50-mm diameter...
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